We make it easy for you to not only get connected, but stay connected with your customers.


Connect Socially With Your Customers

  • Customers connect to your WiFi through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Instagram or even just their email address. You can pick which channels you want to offer and the order they appear in on your WiFi login page.
  • Users are asked to Like or Follow your page, and are given the option to post a message of your choosing to their wall, such as “Getting Pampered at Luxor Day Spa!”
  • Connect with your Loyal customers and continue to promote your business on their favorite social platform. Immediately enhance your social exposure.

Here’s An Example

This business allows it’s customers the option to gain access to their FREE WiFi by logging in with any of our supported social media platforms.


Once the user accepts the terms of use and logs in, the business automatically captures their email address and sends them to a Facebook Promotion page where the customer is asked to SHARE, LIKE, and ENGAGE with the business’ Facebook page.


Collect, Analyze, & Segment Customer Data

  • Access real-time data collected through your WiFi login. Data includes email, location, age, gender, social profile information, and more.
  • Graphs and charts provide a visual demonstration of different customer demographics and allows you to segment and market to specific user groups based on their demographics.

Engage Your Customers

  • Create a redirect after login to your website or social media page, or product a branded landing page that provides you with area to feature special offers or upsells, increasing engagement. Can also be utilized as an ad space for cross promotion.
  • Automatically send targeted marketing messages through email that are triggered by different parameters such as visit, birthday, loyalty, age, gender, and more.

Grow Facebook Engagement


Offer Special Deals


Build 5 Star Reviews


Capture Additional Data

…and so much more!

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