Retail Stores

Do you know who your guests are? GoBig captures in-store data providing valuable information about your customers including age, gender, “LIKES”, web trends, social media information and more. GoBig is PCI compliant separating your guest WiFi from your business network.

Restaurants & Cafes

Do you need an easier way to capture customer information and send targeted email campaigns? Free Wifi Advantage can tell your lunch crowd from your dinner crowd letting you send targeted emails with higher response rates resulting in increased sales.

Night Clubs & Bars

Is it difficult to manage your guest WiFi in high density night clubs or bars? Take advantage of our guest WiFi solution and let your customers promote your club online through social media. You can easily consolidate your email, mobile text and other marketing services into one solution with the Free Wifi Advantage!

Hotels, Rentals & B&Bs

Do you own or operate hotels, vacation rentals or bread & breakfast? With Free Wifi Advantage you can automatically capture customer data over your guest WiFi building your customer list and improving customer retention and repeat business. Customers also choose to stay at locations with good Internet access and working WiFi!


Do you wish you had a system that can collect and manage all your customer leads across all your store locations? Free Wifi Advantage makes it easy to have a central system that captures customer data in each store but still allow you to send targeted offers based on that store location or your customers profile.

Stadiums & Large Venues

Stadiums, large events centers and conference centers need reliable, large scale management of WiFi. Free Wifi Advantage includes proven solutions, including hardware, service & support, cloud based solution and marketing tools allowing you to monetize your WiFi deployment.

Medical Groups & Health Centers

Do you want to offer guest WiFi in your waiting room or medical group and are worried about HIPAA compliance? Free Wifi Advantage solution separates your Guest WiFi from your existing business network, meeting HIPAA & PCI guidelines.

Auto Dealers, Service Centers, Car Washes

As an auto dealer, repair shop or car wash, you need an easy, low cost solution to provide Guest WiFi and collect customer leads. Free Wifi Advantage makes it easy to provide Guest WiFi, Email Marketing & Social Media all in one solution – you can even add-on a custom loyalty program!

Real Estate

Need an easy way to capture customer data at open houses or during special events? Free Wifi Advantage provides real estate agents with plug-n-play solution to capture customer leads and provide automated email marketing campaign without having to re-create messages over and over again.

Fitness Centers & Gyms

Customers are using the Internet more and more to track their fitness with wireless monitors or using the Internet to stream music or videos. Free Wifi Advantage makes it easy to offer Guest WiFi to your customers while at the same time you can send emails to your customers promoting new classes or activities. Also a great solution for Golf Courses, Tennis Clubs and More!

Spas, Hair Salons, Nails

Are your customers bringing their smart phones and tablets to your store and asking about WiFi? Free Wifi Advantage makes it easy to provide Guest WiFi to your customers and you can capture their customer information. Free Wifi Advantage is 100% guaranteed to work or we’ll replace it!

Cities & Economic Development

Contact Free Wifi Advantage about ways your city, Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Board or Economic Development Committee can monetize city wide or retail wide WiFi to spur growth and meet the needs of your entire community.

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